[RUMOUR] New game to be titled Batman: Arkham Knight and to feature Hush?

Our mock up of an Arkham 3 poster.
Our mock up of an Arkham 3 poster.

Could we already have our Arkham 3 title?

We reported on the domain names that were registered by WB over a year ago, but we’re seeing threads from that story start to re-emerge. In December, there was a rumour that the next Arkham game would be called Arkham Knight, but we haven’t had any evidence of such until now. Batman: Arkham Knight is now active, but restricted. Check it our here: http://www.batmanarkhamknight.com/

The Batman Hush Facebook page has been updated with an image of Hush’s character trophy from Arkham City and a hint that this week will be a big one for the character; the obvious implication being that Hush will be a major villain in Arkham Knight.
However, I can’t actually find reference to this being run by WB or DC comics. Yes, it lists the DC Comics website as it’s site, but that isn’t actually verified by anyone. If you look at the DC Comics website’s Facebook register, you won’t find a mention of Hush.
dc facebook
Also, compare the Hush page to the Batman page (which is officially run by DC) and we see some discrepancies.
batman hush fanpage 1
Add these to the spelling mistake (abut/about) and this may just be a fan page taking advantage of the recent buzz around a new Arkham game (who can blame them), that a couple of sites are claiming as official. Regardless, as discussed at the end of the latest episode of the ArkhamCast, we think Hush is a strong candidate for lead villain in this next game.

What do you think of these two developments? Do they mean anything with regards the new Batman game?


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