[UPDATED] Logo for the next Batman Arkham game leaked?

This is apparently an image of a poster that has been sent to a US gaming store for their March point-of-sales displays.

It’s clearly a Batman Arkham logo with flames on the design. There is a fold down the center (which is odd as most game store recieve posters in large flat packs now, but there is a flat pack box in the background). There is also no title for the game.

This is unconfirmed as true, but it is certainly possible that game stores are starting to get preorder materials.

Grain of salt, people.



Source: GameSpot Blogs

A GameStop employee has confirmed to Kotaku that the Batman post is not to be put up until next week:

We’ve heard from GameStop employees saying this big ol’ Batman banner isn’t to be hung up until the week of March 3. There’s a lot of secrecy revolving around these materials, and GameStops are receiving a poster called “Zeppelin” that’s also linked to Batman, according to an employee who asked not to be named.

Said employee also leaked a list of release dates that had a conspicuous title withheld (Available SKU) in October of this year. It could be absolutely anything, but Kotaku are suggesting that it will be the next Arkham game.

Source: Batman-News (who we thank for sourcing us in the first instance).

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