Batman: Arkham Origins – Deathstroke DLC Pack Gameplay Trailer

Batman-Arkham-Origins_Sept-18_4WB Games has just released the trailer for the Deathstroke Challenge Pack Pre-Order DLC. Aside from Deathstroke’s gameplay, the trailer shows off the Challenge Maps and Skins included in the DLC Pack. Some of Deathstroke’s unique gameplay features are also finally seen for the first time.

As previously mentioned, Deathstroke will be able to use his guns as seen with his “rifle-staff”. Along with other gadgets and Special Combo moves. Also unlike Robin–but like Batman–is the Special Combo Disarm & Destroy (at 00:23). I think it’s an appropriate Special Combo move for Deathstroke given his skill level and strength. Deathstroke also has his version of the Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown (at 00:43) in which he leaps to the air and uses his “rifle-staff” to fire at his enemies.

Gadgets so far:
Remote Claw (“No Money Down” at 00:13)
Proximity Mine (at 00:28 & 00:30–I’m not entirely sure if this is it, but it seems to be)
Ballistic Staff (at 00:41–I’m guessing this will serve as his “Batarang”)
Grappling Hook (at 00:45–Tentative name)

Challenge Maps:
100 to 1 (Combat)
No Money Down (Predator)

Arkham Origins
Judas Contract

What do you think of Deathstroke now?


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