Black Mask maps- GameStop’s Arkham Origins preorder bonus revealed


The third playable character for Batman: Arkham Origins has been revealed as Black Mask.

No details yet on his play style, but it would be safe to assume that he has handguns and small knives.

The DLC, available free as a preorder bonus through GameStop, contains two new challenge maps and allows players to play as Black Mask, similar to the Deathstroke DLC.

No word yet on where this DLC will be available outside of the USA. Topic will be updated as information presents itself.

So, who has immediately decided to switch their pre-order to GameStop?




It turns out that GameStop made a mistake in their initial promotional assets.

GameStop changed their adverts shortly after we ran we the story and other sites picked up our report. Game developers Eric Holmes and Ben Mattes have taken to twitter to clarify matters:



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