New Most Wanted Villain confirmed for Arkham Origins!

The latest issue of Xbox Magazine confirms that the Mad Hatter will appear in Arkham Origins as a Most Wanted side mission Character.

“Wonderland is a weird, unsettling place at the best of times. Seen through an Arkham lens, Lewis Carroll’s creation is a dark hellscape of traps, dilapidated towers, and nightmarish illusions. Somewhere deep within it lurks the Mad Hatter, who’s kidnapped a young woman to be his new “Alice,” and whose hypnotic devices have planted the realm in Batman’s mind.


Huge thanks to site member robinsfriend for posting this info and images.

If you are able to, please BUY the Arkham origins issue of OXM! Magazines pay for exclusives like this and it’s unfair for them to be spread on the web without them receiving the cash that they’re owed. We post here as an advert for you to go and BUY the mag – please show OXM respect and do so.



Thanks to for these higher quality images.

UPDATE 31/07/2013:

Eric Holmes has confirmed on Twitter that Peter MacNicol will reprise his role as voicing the Mad Hatter in Batman: Arkham Origins. As we all know, he beautifully voiced Tetch in Arkham City, as Batman went through a hallucination in AC.

Are you excited to see MacNicol voice Mad Hatter again?

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