New Batman: Arkham Origins Character Revealed by Official Bio


The Official Batman Arkham Origins website appears to have been neglectful in checking it’s copy through translation, leading to a character being revealed early.

Harvey Dent, who will one day become Two-Face has been mentioned in one of the character bios on the website. This seems to indicate that Harvey Dent will appear as District Attorney, but whether or not he will become Two-Face during the events of the game is yet to be seen.

The English version:

Gotham City business owner Roman Sionis is alleged to be one of the city’s most powerful crime lords, though no convictions have ever been made. Sionis maintains several “legitimate” businesses – many of which are believed to be fronts for illegal operations. Notable businesses in his portfolio include: Janus Cosmetics, Gotham Merchants’ Bank, and the now-defunct Sionis Steel Works. Sionis has been charged with embezzling city funds, murder, racketeering, distribution of illegal narcotics, and other offenses, but never convicted. In previous trials, witnesses for the prosecution have been known to recant, die, or disappear. Investigation is ongoing.

Compared to the translated French:

Roman Sionis, an entrepreneur of Gotham City, is described as one of the most powerful crime lords in the city, although it has never been a conviction. Runs several businesses ‘legal’, much of which is suspected of being used as a cover for illegal operations. Among his notable companies include: cosmetics Janus, the Commercial Bank of Gotham and the defunct steelworks Sionis.

Sionis was accused of embezzling funds from the city, murder, racketeering, distribution of illegal narcotics and other crimes, but he was never convicted. In previous trials, the accusion witnesses recanted their statements, have died or disappeared. The investigation continues. See District Attorney Harvey Dent for more details.


Source: BAO

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