Voice Actors and Composer Confirmed for Batman Arkham Origins

As reported by us weeks before Arkham Origins was announced, Christopher Drake is confirmed as the upcoming Batman Arkham game’s composer. J.B. Blanc has also been confirmed as the voice of Bane, along with Nolan North as Penguin and Brian Bloom as Black Mask.

Confirmed by Ben Mattes during a gameplay demo of Arkham Origins and via his Twitter account, Christopher Drake will compose all music in Batman: Arkham Origins, and J.B. Blanc will voice Bane in Arkham Origins. Also, Nolan North will voice Penguin, and Brian Bloom will voice Black Mask.

None of the announced talents are strangers to Gotham City though:
-Christopher Drake has worked on Batman music in the past as he scored Injustice: Gods Among Us, Batman: Year One, Under the Red Hood, among others.
-J.B. Blanc will play Alfred, the Batcomputer, and The Key in the upcoming TV series Beware the Batman.
-Nolan North has played as Penguin and Black Mask in Batman: Arkham City.
-Brian Bloom plays Cyborg in Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes movie.

What do you think of the voice cast so far?

Will Drake top Arundel’s Arkham City theme?


Source: Machinima/YouTube
Ben Mattes’ Twitter

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