Some important things to know about the site for E3 2013


We’re opening up the opportunity for you to apply for three temporary writer positions here at

The three successful applicants will be given writer accounts for the News blog and will be able to write up the latest news over the E3 period. At the moment, the plan is for these positions to be temporary over the E3 period, but if you do a good job, then there is the possibility that we’ll come back to you to write for the site on a more regular basis.

To apply, all you have to do is send me a PM on the forum with links to any blog or news site that you’ve already been a part of so that I can see some examples of your work.

This may be open for a couple of days or I may close it tonight if I find the right people straight away.



Here at, we pride ourselves on reporting all the latest Arkhamverse news, whether it be a single new screenshot, a merchandise item or a major game reveal.

We haven’t been able to do this alone. We’ve always had help from the community, who are fantastic at ferreting out news stories. As we approached the release of Arkham City users became well versed in how to write a news story so that we could publish it as quickly as possible.

We operate the site on-the-go for the majority of the time. In other words, whilst it may appear that I am sat at my computer all day, I am more likely to be checking in on the site on my smart phone during a free moment at, or on my way to/from, work. During these check ins, I can operate the site quickly and I can get well sourced and well written news posts published. What I don’t want to be doing is chasing sources around or rewriting someone’s post whilst I walk down the street.

With all that in mind, please look over the following format and rules for posting.

Please use this code to see how posts should be formatted. News should be submitted via the ‘New Topic’ button on this page on the forum.


Not essential, but preferred. Please include a link to a relevant image.

Your opening sentence should summarise the story and be in bold.
Expand upon your story in the main block of text. This should be in full sentences and stick to the facts. Avoid wild speculation and text speak.

Poor Example: “OMG lyk wil manbat b innit cos ther woz a bat n a man on the screen? Lolz”

Better Example: “A photo of new action figures has revealed that Hush will be in Arkham City.”

Source Website Name

Before posting at all, please check for similar stories in the news blog archives or on the forum. Just because it isn’t in the news banner doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been posted.

Always source your news. No source = no credibility. The story will be deleted. Ridiculous unsourced claims will result in an official warning placed on your account.

Don’t just post a link. Help us prioritise by telling us what the story is.

No text speak. You have space to write properly; please use it. If you are a non-native English speaker and feel that you want help, just make a note of that in the post. We can help.

You MUST send a PM to myself and CROD after posting.
News from E3 will be coming thick and fast. We need to be on top of things with regards maintaining threads and writing up news for the wider world on the blog.
The PM should have the same title as your news post. Ideally you will copy your post into the PM along with a link to the post, but the link to the post and a brief summary of the story are absolutely essential.

I’m happy to discuss any of the above, particular instances or other ideas you may have, but I think that the format set out here will make things much quicker and easier for everyone.


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