Batman Movie Tweetalong

BatmanBegins July13

Welcome to a new series of Twitter-based community events, the ‘Batman Movie Tweetalong’! and will be watching a Batman movie once every couple of weeks and we’d like you to join in.

Basically, the idea is that we share thoughts and anecdotes between Bat fans as we watch the movie together across the globe, in our own homes, at the same time and chat about it via twitter. We let you know the date and time and when to press play on your DVD or Blu-Ray player. It’d be like getting a hundred people round your house to watch a flick without worrying about how many chairs you need.

I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. Plenty of little facts and anecdotes will no doubt come out as well as mass-appreciation (or derision in the case of B&R) of smaller scenes that don’t often get talked about on message boards.

As long as everyone includes the hashtag in their tweets everyone who has searched for that hashtag will see all of the tweets like in a chat room.

Check what this means for your timezone here.


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