ROBIN TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 EXTENSION World Championships: Robin Tournament Round 1 is here!

We aim to find the answer to the question: who is the best Robin player in the world?

Apparently some of the e-mails were lost in spam boxes last week, so to make sure that everyone has a fair shot at the tournament, we’re extending the Round One deadline until midnight Monday.

E-mails have been re-sent to the 32 competitors, who now have one week to submit scores via PM to me on the forums.

KEYWORD: Knightfall
MAPS: Survival of the Fittest & Police Brutality

Using my round 1 scores as an example, combat stands as like-for-like points. I scored 110240pts on the game, so I earn 110240pts here.
Predator is a little more complicated. After our first tournament, we realised that most people didn’t need a five-minute cap, so we’ve reduced that to a two-and-a-half-minute cap. Everyone will start at 300,000pts. Every lost second costs you 2,000pts. You’re also penalised with a 100,000pt penalty for each medal missed. So that’s zero points if you miss all three medals and zero points if you take longer than two-and-a-half-minutes.

Calculating my score:
Combat = 110240
Predator = 300000 – (2000 x 70.72) = 158760
Total = 110240+158760= 269000

We’ve also started the SIGN UP for our next tournament: CATWOMAN!


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