Arkham Origins: New Villains, New Weapons and New Cast

The full trailer has been revealed along with new villains, gadgets and cast along with it.

This morning we got our first look at the full trailer of Batman: Arkham Origins, but that’s not all. Through websites like IGN, Gameinformer and VG247 we have been getting tidbits of new information on the highly anticipated prequel.

First off, Batman and Joker have been recast for at least this prequel. Voicing Batman will be Roger Craig Smith, who has also voiced characters in Assassins Creed and Resident Evil franchises. Taking over for Joker is Troy Baker, who voiced Tim Drake and Two-Face among others in Batman: Arkham City.

Thanks to the trailer and bits of news we can put together a good list of villains set to appear in the game. Black Mask will take the lead, hiring eight assassins to kill The Dark Knight. Two assassins confirmed through the trailer are Deathstroke and Deadshot, both trying to take down Batman.

Other villains confirmed are Joker, Bane and Anarky. Joker and Bane roles have yet to be confirmed, so who knows how big a part either will play. Anarky is said to be a sort of side mission.

With a new studio, also comes new weapons. Batman will be equipped with a remote claw that can attach two points or enemies and bring them together. Detective Mode returns, with the ability to track observations and discoveries.

Some possible easter eggs taken from the trailer might shed some light on the game as well:

52(000) on fork lift before explosion – Possible DC Universe 52 reference
Deadshot’s bullet – Same brand as in Arkham City
AR Technologies on crate – Return of AR training
Calendar seen in trailer – possible Calendar Man appearance
Queen Industries bomb crate – Green Arrow reference
Floor takedown through wooden floor in warehouse – New move

Just a little things we caught, that might not mean a thing.


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