Arkham City Robin Tournament

The World Championships aim to find, and celebrate the top Arkham City and Arkham Asylum players on the planet.
We’ve seen the YouTube videos, we’ve scoured the leader boards and now it’s time to create the ultimate Arkhamverse competitive platform.

The championships will consist of multiple brackets of 1 v 1 rounds in which participators compete in gaining the highest score on a particular challenge map. Make your way to the final for a chance to become the ultimate Arkham City player, and that won’t be all, we’ll have a few prizes along the way too!

Australian user batman404 won the Batman tournament last month. Can you be the best Robin player in the world?


About Red_Robin
Admin at (formerly, Kung Fu black belt and all-round nerd. Red_Robin has been a bat-fan since watching the Adam West Batman series everyday before Nursery School. He watched the Tim Burton movies and the Animated Series as a small child and has never really left Gotham since. His favourite Robin is Tim Drake, his favourite Batgirl is Cassandra Cain and he strongly believes that both Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon were more dramatic characters dead and in the chair than they are in the New52.
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